DM IDMSA — Issuer card

company DM IDMSA
full company name Dom Maklerski IDMSA
type of legal entity Not specified
country of risk Poland
industry Financial institutions


IDMSA Brokerage House is an independent and dynamic leader in Polish financial services. Our Company traces its roots to beginnings of the revived capital market in Poland. We were the first stockbroker in Poland to have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (2005). Many years of experience have enabled us to create the IDMSA Group, which operates in the broad area of financial services allowing us to continually strengthen our market position and successively widen the scope of our operations.
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Outstanding bond issues amount

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
PLN 1 39 176 000


Issue Volume, mln Status
DM IDMSA, IDM1017, 1 39 PLN outstanding
DM IDMSA, IDM1214, AOS 31 PLN redeemed
DM IDMSA, IDM1117, 3 5 PLN early redeemed
DM IDMSA, IDM1017, 2 6 PLN exchanged
DM IDMSA, IDM0913, ALB 20 PLN redeemed
DM IDMSA, IDM0813, ALA 28 PLN redeemed


Issue Volume, mln Status
Devoran, DEV1216, AC 29 PLN Bookrunner
UNITED, UNI1216, A 8 PLN Bookrunner
Devoran, DEV1216, AD 31 PLN Bookrunner
Devoran, DEV1216, AA 7 PLN Bookrunner
Devoran, DEV1216, AB 28 PLN Bookrunner
DM IDMSA, IDM1017, 1 39 PLN Bookrunner