Marka — Company card

company Marka
full company name Marka S.A.
type of legal entity Joint-stock company
country of risk Poland
industry Financial institutions


Marka SA is a dynamic financial institution, specializing in providing fast cash loans. The company was founded in 2006 and since that time continuously providing professional services in providing financial support.
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Issue Volume, mln Status
Marka, 9% 12may2017, PLN (H2) 1 PLN redeemed
Marka, 9.5% 06feb2017, PLN (H1) 2 PLN redemption default
Marka, FRN 16dec2015, PLN (C) 2 PLN redeemed
Marka, FRN 15jan2016, PLN (B) 13 PLN redeemed
Marka, FRN 17feb2014, PLN (A) 14 PLN redeemed