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  • Euro-Commercial Paper (ECP)
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  • Agriculture
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  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Communication
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  • Domestic bonds
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  • outstanding
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  • Non-listed
  • Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Luxembourg S.E.
  • SIX
  • BCSE
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Found issues (on current date): 1248
Found issuers (on current date): 298
Aggregate volume in USD (approximately for the current date): 289,575,706,635
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Volume EUR:
Volume USD:
Volume CHF:
Volume JPY:
Advanced bond and international bond search allows searching for all bond and international bond issues in Cbonds database by issuer and issue parameters, by types and kinds of securities. Key bond parameters of the issue search are: issue type, international bond currency, issue status, coupon type, listing on a stock exchange, start (end) of placement, maturity date, and put/call date. Key issuer parameters are: borrower’s region and country, sector and industry of the issuer. Advanced bond and international bond search functionality allows saving chosen search criteria for future reference via the option “Saved queries”. The service also allows downloading search results in various formats with the customized set of fields. The advanced search functionality also allows making specific queries to the database. For example, setting limitations to issue volumes, current coupon rate, listing on a certain Stock Exchange. It is possible to exclude (or include) certain issue types from the sample